Virtual Private Servers

From the command line, you’ll find that Cloud Servers look and act much like the traditional servers you may be using now. However, some key technologies make Cloud Servers much more flexible than hardware devices.

Virtualization Layer

Each Cloud Server is a virtual machine abstracted from the hardware. We use a software hypervisor with proven performance, reliability, scalability, and security. Launching a new Cloud Server happens in minutes since we only need to start up a virtual machine on already running hardware. Virtualization also allows Cloud Servers to be moved easily or even resized for more CPU and memory.

CPU Bursting

All Cloud Servers come with a certain amount of guaranteed CPU power based on the size of the servers you create. However, at times when there’s extra CPU power available from the host hardware, we take advantage of it, providing your workloads extra processing power without any additional cost to you.

In-Place Resizing

Scaling up your Cloud Server is simple–you don’t need to reinstall anything. With a simple phone call, your Cloud Server is momentarily taken offline, the RAM, disk space and CPU allotment are adjusted, and the server is restarted. The entire process is automated and takes just a few minutes.

Storage Options

Amazon EBS provides two volume types: standard volumes and Provisioned IOPS volumes which differ in performance characteristics and pricing model, allowing you to tailor your storage performance and cost to the needs of your applications.

  • Standard volumes offer cost effective storage for applications with moderate or bursty I/O requirements. Standard volumes are also well suited for use as boot volumes, where the burst capability provides fast instance start-up times.
  • Provisioned IOPS volumes are designed to deliver predictable, high performance for I/O intensive workloads such as databases. With Provisioned IOPS, you specify an IOPS rate when creating a volume, and then Amazon EBS provisions that rate for the lifetime of the volume.

Amazon EBS volumes are designed to be highly available and reliable

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  • RAID-10 protected

    Storage is RAID-10 protected for superior performance and durability. If a host failure should occur, we bring it back and your data is preserved.

  • Virtual CPUs

    Every Cloud Server can customize the virtual CPUs needed.

  • No oversubscription

    Reserved RAM and storage, pay only for what you use.

  • Public / Private LAN

    Separate public and private network interfaces. Private bandwidth is free and provides inter-Cloud Server communication.

    Support for multiple public IP addresses.

  • Snapshot based server images

    Scheduled or on-demand. Useful for creating “gold” images or backups.

  • 64-bit

    All Cloud Servers are 64-bit for maximum performance.

  • OS Support

    Linux or Windows distribution of your choice.

  • Console Access

    Bootable rescue mode. File system access to repair a troubled Cloud Server.