CompTIA ASC A Gold

Business Computer Support.

Not just another vendor, great support and a relationship that matters.

ProSupport - ONE level of service, the very best!

What's Included?

When you engage our team for business computer support you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources typically reserved for much larger organizations. Read more below to see some of the benefits of our computer service plans.


professional help desk  8/5 Help Desk Access

managed anti virus  Endpoint Anti-Virus

onsite computer repair  UNLIMITED ONSITE Support

remote computer support  UNLIMITED REMOTE Support

offsite cloud backup  Off-site Cloud Backup

network and device monitors  Network Device Monitors

physical computer cleaning  Physical Cleaning

install updates   OS Patching

employee web filter   DNS Web Filtering

ticket and live chat support  UNLIMITED Tickets / Chats

regular onsite computer visits  Quarterly Consultation Visits

business reports Business Reports

What's Covered

We charge by the user, but our support plans include all the equipment in your office. When something goes wrong, just call, live chat, or send a ticket..


managed workstation  Managed Workstation

managed printer  Managed Printers

managed router  Managed Routers / VPN / Switch

mobile phone support  Cell Phone / Tablets


Supported Operating Systems

1307505109 windowslive Windows   1307505106 apple Mac   1307505095 linux Linux

Our Service Levels

Standard Support:

Standard On-Site Business Hours are Monday - Friday from 8AM - 5:PM. Our local Help Desk is staffed and operational during these times as well.

Next Business Day (NBD) or better response times for on-site calls and 8 x 5 HelpDesk. Often we are able to accommodate same day onsites, but they are not guaranteed.

Extended Support Options:

Take advantage of our enhanced service and support offering for any supported user around the clock. Calls are routed to PremierePC employees, never outsourced.

If you require a more responsive service agreement then you may add one of our extended support service options.

Monday - Friday, 7A - 8P

Standard support option with extended hours during weekdays.

Monday - Friday + Weekends, 7A - 8P

Standard support option with extended hours during weekdays and weekends.

24 / 7 Support:

The ultimate level of service for the most demanding business environments. This level of service allows a list of pre-defined users to contact us around the clock for critical support needs.

Great for executives and key personnel as well as those who travel often. This level also includes Same Day Onsites.

Things that cost a little more

Physical Servers

Virtual Servers

Additional Locations

24 X 7 Help Desk

Contact Options

We WANT to hear from you, we have several methods in place to ensure your issue is handled as quickly as possible.


phone support Phone  

 ticket based support Priority Ticket  

Ready to get started? Call today and have a help desk tomorrow!

Often we can begin your service plan the same week. Our initial visit is performed after hours or on the weekend to minimize any downtime.

During the initial visit we will load your new AV software, our monitoring software, and backup software. A physical inspection of each computer and device, and a full dust extraction.