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FLAT RATES, 14 day labor warranty.
If we don't fix it, you don't pay!


All networking services are billed at our onsite rate of $179. Let us help you with your next office networking project.

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Wireless Network Setup

Enjoy wireless freedom when you set up wireless network connectivity for your PC or Mac and computer peripherals with this advanced wireless networking service. We will set up and configure your office computer’s wireless router and network connection with your ISP, enable wireless encryption, troubleshoot connectivity issues and network all the computers and devices in your home.

Need to setup a wired network? PremierePC offers cabling services in certain situations. A separate cable project proposal would be required. PremierePC will only cable in situations where drop ceilings already exist or where there is open space. PremierePC will not run cabling in homes or offices with sheet rock enclosed ceilings.

Network Troubleshooting and Repair

Reinstate a crashed network connection to normal using this network troubleshooting and repair service for PC and Mac. We will determine the reason for improper network functioning, troubleshoot and repair your network connection and ensure your networked peripherals are properly reconnected.

Adding Devices to your Network

Add a compatible electronic device to your office wired or wireless network with this electronic device setup service for Mac or PC. We will install all your electronic devices, such as a Mac, PC, access point, print server, wireless range extender, game console, TiVO or Slingbox, on your home network. Only those devices present during the service call are eligible.

Pricing includes all travel expenses in the greater greenville area. Any software or hardware required for a computer or network repair is billed in addition. We will always let you know ahead of time and never add any margin to hardware and software sales. The rates above are valid for small office or home based businesses only, if you require commercial work please see our business consulting and project work page.

bbbseal1USAll services are backed by our commitment that your problem will be resolved. In the event the same problem occurs within 14 days of a visit we will troubleshoot and repair the problem until it is corrected.