Allows calls to our office 24 X 7, excluding holidays on which we are closed.

Tired of updating Java? Adobe have you miffed? We can custom create update policies for many common third party applications such as Adobe Reader, Java, .Net, etc.

Once per year a member of our team will review your computer and network service plan to ensure all is meeting your expectations. During this time we will also discuss your operational goals and assist in planning any short or long term projects as well as reviewing our multi-point security assessment.

Any device which is part of your service plan will automatically be added to our inventory management platform. This allows us to assist you in understanding your computing fleet. We can easily advise on systems that require upgrades, outdated operating systems, and even warranty status for most major brands.

Our CM platform integrates with many 3rd party services to help us track changes we make to your systems. This includes Active Directory, Microsoft 365 Service, DNS, Ubiquiti Networking, Meraki Networking, SonicWalls and more.

Bring your device to us and drop it off for fast service when it comes to issues that cannot be resolved remotely.

Allows for calls to be made to our office from 7AM – 8PM Monday – Friday.

Allows for calls to be made to our office 7AM – 8PM Saturday – Sunday

Do you need some new gear? Not sure what to order or where to get it from? PremierePC will offer business-class product recommendations based on our experience across our entire client base. We can help source items from retail and distribution points.

As a service plan client, you and your team gain access to our local computer and network support team.

You can ask an array of questions from how do I style questions to server and network consulting.