PremierePC has retained the talents of Mr. Jackson, former Automated Logistics Specialist for the U.S. SC Army National Guard. Jovan will be your new primary contact when calling in.

Hello my name is Jovan, I am joining PremierePC Technology Group with a background in technical support and customer service. I am prior service military. After completing my service obligations I obtained my A+ certification and began my career with a wireless communications company serving in various roles. I have since expanded to a wider umbrella of support and join PremierePC eager to help. I am originally from the Spartanburg area where I reside to this day. I spend my time outside of work raising my two boys. I look forward to the opportunity of getting to know each and every one of you and developing lasting relationships.

Please take a moment to welcome Jovan to the team, we are excited to have him on board. 

PremierePC will be closed on Monday, September 7th in observance of the Labor Day holiday.

We will resume normal operations on Tuesday, September 8th.

24 X 7 service plans are unaffected.

Companies that enjoy monopoly over a market are likely to get complacent since they don’t have a competitor breathing down their neck, and that’s why it’s vital to ensure competition so that users get the best bang for their buck. That’s precisely what’s happening for residents of Charlotte, North Carolina. Soon after Google announced that its Fiber gigabit internet service is moving into Charlotte, the incumbent cable operator TWA decided to significantly improve internet speeds.

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PremierePC will be closed on Friday, April 3rd in observance of Good Friday. We will resume normal operations on Monday, April 6th.

Thank you for your continued support as a loyal PremierePC client.

Greenville is not alone. We have a severe internet speed and price problem. While Charter Coaxial service is a making waves with faster speeds and better pricing, those not in the immediate service area are left with few options.

Even with AT&T claims to offer their u-Verse Broadband. Most are promised a higher speed and once the tech arrives are told they will only be eligible for the older DSL speeds. 

The situation is even worse for our local business community. Often forced to use older and more expensive T1 connections vs more modern fiber or coaxial services. T1 pricing is astronomical compared to the speed being offered. 

Still, fiber services remain out of reach for most area small businesses due to pricing.

Learn more about the issue facing our broadband networks.

We are pleased to announce through our partnership with CommunityWorks we have secured expansion funding from their micro-business lending program.

The program is specifically tailored to the micro-business community helping companies with 5 or fewer employees reach their goals where traditional lending institutions would not.

The funds have allowed us to add new staff which will free us up to focus on education and client service.

Any micro-business who is challenged by the current lending landscape should consider partnering with a lender like CommunityWorks. For more information, visit

PremierePC – City of Greenville, S.C. PremierePC, a technology-based company that opened in March 2006, specializes in providing comprehensive outsourced technology support to small and medium-sized Upstate businesses. With offices in downtown Greenville, PremierePC used the CommunityWorks loan to expand business operations across the Upstate. For more information, visit

From our friends at Google. 

Last week, thousands of Take Action members joined us and many other groups in pressing for real surveillance reform in the USA FREEDOM Act. But whether or not Congress pulls through, there are things you should know about keeping your emails safe and secure.

An email actually goes through a lot of steps between when you hit “Send” and when it lands in the recipient’s inbox. Your message is secure only if both the sender’s and recipient’s email providers encrypt them in transit. We’ve put together a page that details how this kind of encryption works, and which email providers support it.

Take a look, and see how your provider, and those of your friends, performs.

Educate your friends about email security. Share this:

Microsoft Races To Fix Massive Internet Explorer Hack: No Fix For Windows XP Leaves 1 In 4 PCs Exposed

Microsoft is scrambling to fix a major bug which allows hackers to exploit flaws in Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, responsible for 55% of the PC browser market. The company has also confirmed it will not issue a fix for web browsers running on Windows XP after it formally ended support for the 13 year old operating system on 8 April. XP still accounts for 25% of the world’s PCs.

The vulnerability was discovered by cyber security software maker FireEye Inc. which stated the flaw is a ‘zero-day’ threat. This means the first attacks were made on the vulnerability before Microsoft was aware of it. FireEye also revealed a sophisticated hacker group has already been exploiting the flaw in a campaign dubbed  ‘Operation Clandestine Fox’, which targets US military and financial institutions.

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We are seeing a large number of attacks in the past few weeks related to this type of scam. Please be aware and proceed with cation when sharing your email password with anyone or anysite.

You may receive an email from a friend, family member, collegue, or business partner letting you know they have shared a document with  you via Google Docs.

The content is similar to this:
I uploaded using Google docs Click  HERE   and sign in with your personal email to view the important document. 

Upon clicking the link you will be presented with a choice of login types (Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc)

By entering the details into the system, you are providing the attackers with your email and password, after which time they will then proceed to email your contacts and most contacted email addresses with the same message you just received.

To stop the access, you must change your password immediately, this will sever the connection, but your contacts have already been mined. You should alert your contacts that your account was compromised and ensure they do not enter their details in the login page.

Your system has not been infected with malware, this is a social phishing attack designed to mine contact data for spammers and marketers.

malware and av scanners are missing these attacks because the root sites are changing too rapidly, the emails are coming from legitimate contacts and hosts, and you are not downloading or installing anything.

If you are ever uncertain about these types of emails, please call us first so we can help out before your data is compromised.


Our office will be closed 1/29/2014 for depot and onsite services. We will still be available via phone, ticket, and remote support.