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Integrated cybersecurity solutions for the small business

business computer and network support

What Is A Business Computer
and Network Support Plan?

When you engage our team for business computer and network support you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources typically reserved for much larger organizations.

Think of PremierePC as your own personal IT department. When you call, we answer and help with a full range of technological issues. We quickly gain access to your systems to help diagnose and repair, often without the need for a visit, so you can get back to work.

Our services are offered on month-to-month commitments with a host of features to keep your team safe while working to create operational efficiencies. Our plans include native cybersecurity solutions which will help increase your security posture and mitigate risks.

Give your business an edge with PremierePC.

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What Industries Do You Support?

We support all kinds of small to medium-sized businesses.

Our clients are manufacturers, skilled trades, healthcare, construction, consultants, law firms, churches, and more.

We learn to work in any environment, but we do specialize in the following industries:

  • Legal

  • Service

  • Healthcare

  • Finance

  • Non-Profit

Cybersecurity Service Plans

server and devices

Our business computer and network support plans have evolved since their inception in 2006, always with a focus on changing industry trends and client needs.

The result is easy-to-understand services delivered with real value from day one. Our plans are designed to stay on top of new cyber threats and trends.

We are one of the most comprehensive managed IT providers in the Upstate, offering a fully integrated cybersecurity approach to small businesses.

We offer several service plans levels to fit your business needs. Review the features below and see which plan makes the most sense for your business.

Get a support team that grows with your business. When you’re ready give us a call at 864-335-9223 or complete our short Sales form.

  • ProSupport Lite
  • Designed for small teams with lighter onsite support needs.
    This plan includes unlimited remote and telephone support while offering discounts on physical support.

    There is a 10-device minimum for this support plan.

  • Helpdesk Access: 8 – 5 (M-F)
  • Remote Support: Unlimited
  • Depot Support: Unlimited
  • Onsite Support: 30% Discount
  • Project Work: 30% Discount
  • Annual Consulting Sessions: Remote
  • ProSupport Complete
  • Our ultimate business support plan for medium-large teams.
    This plan includes unlimited remote and telephone support, unlimited physical time, and project consulting.

    There is a 15-device minimum for this support plan.

  • Helpdesk Access: 8 – 5 (M-F)
  • Remote Support: Unlimited
  • Depot Support: Unlimited
  • Onsite Support: Unlimited
  • Project work: 50% Discount
  • Annual Consulting Sessions: In-Person

We have several ways to work with your team.

Remote Support

We meet online.

Depot Support

You bring it to us.

Onsite Support

We come to you.

helpdesk supportThe above are for single-scope issues, multi scope cases are dealt with in project work outlined below.

We WANT to hear from our business support clients. Help us keep your team running smoothly. Our phones are staffed locally. The average wait time is less than 45 seconds. You may also submit a support request or technical issue via our support case system, and we will get to work on the issue and call you back if needed.

Extended Support Options:

For those clients that require support outside our general helpdesk hours we can easily add extended support options.

  • Extended Support Options
  • Extended Hours M to F
  • Extended Hours S to S
  • 24 x 7
  • ProSupport Lite
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • N/A
  • ProSupport Complete
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • Add-on
  • ProSupport Lite
  • Extended Hours M to F: Add-on
  • Extended Hours S to S: Add-on
  • 24 x 7: N/A
  • ProSupport Complete
  • Extended Hours M to F: Add-on
  • Extended Hours S to S: Add-on
  • 24 x 7: Add-on

Plan Features:

In addition to the items listed above, our computer and network support plans offer even more value by enabling additional security, management and consulting for your entire organization.


What’s Covered? Our service plans are billed by the supported device. A supported device is a Windows or Apple system which has our network monitoring agent and managed security services enabled. In addition, our team will support other devices on your network at no additional cost.

These include: Desktop Printers, Routers, Network Switches, Mobile Phones, Tablets and just about any other network connected device.

  • ProSupport Lite
  • Month-to-Month
  • 10 Device Min
  • $69 per device
  • ProSupport Complete
  • Month-to-Month
  • 15 Device Min
  • $99 per device

Things that cost a little more:
While our service plan is sold by the device or managed workstation, certain other network items do require a more involved level of support each month. To ensure that each client only pays what is fair for their needs, the following items are billed in addition to supported devices.

  • Network Managed Devices
  • Network Printers, NAS Devices, other Network Connected Devices
  • $9
  • Virtual Servers
  • A non-workstation virtual machine running a Windows Server OS.
  • $129
  • Physical Servers
  • A non-workstation physical host running a Windows Server OS.
  • $189

Non-Supported Devices:

Sometimes clients do not want to pay for every machine. While we do permit that, we think it’s a risk to not have proper monitoring and advanced security services enabled.

We will offer assistance for any non-supported device; however devices not on your service plan are billed at our market rates which are listed below. Plan discounts apply for non-supported devices.

  • Remote Support
  • Per Incident
  • $79
  • Depot Support
  • Per Incident
  • $149
  • Onsite Support
  • Per Incident
  • $269
  • Project Work
  • Per Hour. 4 Hour Min.
  • $159

Additional Services

But Wait There’s More!

Your service plan is simply the gateway to all PremierePC has to offer. Once you are in the family, we can provide a full array of additional services to help consolidate and streamline your business operations.

Managed Cloud Services:

As part of your service plan, PremierePC will manage several key aspects of your IT infrastructure, consolidating where possible any invoicing. You get a single number to call and a single source to pay for many popular cloud solutions.

*Active subscriptions are required for management of the following services


Router as a Service:

Router as a Service / Router Management is an optional plan add-on.

We include:

  • Cisco Meraki Hardware
  • Firewall Security Service Subscription
  • Next Business Day Warranty
  • Third-Party Vulnerability Scanning

Hosted Phones:

Fully managed multi-tenant VoIP PBX with integrated meeting software.

Enterprise File Sharing:

Friction-less file access from anywhere with a focus on security and data compliance.


Dark Web Monitoring, Security Awareness Training, Multi-Factor Auth

Email Compliance and Security:

Inbound / Outbound email security solutions with the ability to layer on archiving, encryption, and compliance.

Surveillance Systems:

Fully managed and integrated surveillance systems with the latest capabilities and features. No monthly fees.

G4 Ptz

HIPAA Compliance:

Turnkey HIPAA compliance, verified with the leading compliance firm, managed as a partnership.

HIPAA Done Right

Ready to get started?

Call today and have a help desk tomorrow!

Not really, but often we can begin your service plan the same week.
Go ahead, give us a call at 864-335-9223.

Do I need a managed IT company?

Many of our clients were getting by the best they could with the staff they had. Often an existing staff member was dubbed the IT person.

By hiring a managed services IT provider like PremierePC, you gain a team of experts to help you quickly and expertly solve a range of computer and networking problems as well as a trusted advisor to turn to for professional consulting advice.

All this at a fraction of the cost it takes to hire and retain that talent full-time. Your team can focus on what they do best and your resources are put to the best use.

While you may consider your needs basic, or, as many of our clients do, think that you don’t have a lot of IT issues, the fact remains that most small to medium-sized firms do not have the expertise to properly manage their IT stack.

We find that many clients were dealing with issues, getting by, or not using the full feature set of existing tools.

Having PremierePC at your back allows your team to resolve simple daily computing issues without the delay and hassle of you having to figure it out. In most cases, we can increase productivity by resolving many simple issues on day one and continue advising you and your team as our relationship evolves.

Depends. After over a decade of analysis it is our opinion that while clients who pay for services as they need them may spend less, they also receive far less.  We built our service plans to encourage use so that finances were never the obstacle to getting expert computer and network advice.

When you simply pay by the issue or by the hour, the incentive is shifted towards the service provider. We strongly believe that a service plan creates a valuable relationship that enables both sides to be more productive and integrated.

Our findings also seem to suggest that clients with 10 or more supported devices always come out ahead with a service plan versus traditional break-fix options. In any case, there is absolute value in having a service provider in your corner, especially when they package essential security services  into their offering.

We hear this a lot. During the sales process folks will let us know that they already have an Office 365 account and can add and remove users. What can we add that is worth a service plan?

It’s true, Microsoft and others have made it very easy to get started with their cloud offerings. What they fail to mention is all the work that is needed after that.

Consider Office 365 as a great example. Getting email set up can be pretty easy assuming you understand domains and DNS records. Once your email routes to your inbox you think your job is done. There is so much more. Ensuring that SPF and DKIM are properly set up, enabling MFA for users, deciding data retention and archiving needs, considering an inbound filtering solution. Not to mention all the other services that come with Office 365 like Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint.

Having a team behind you that uses, understands and can properly set up and train you is worth more in gained productivity than money spent on a service plan.

A firm like PremierePC was built to integrate and manage your entire IT stack, from domains, to dns, to email, to general software and hardware issues.

The single most voiced reason people choose to work with a managed IT services firm is that they are not being serviced by an existing relationship. Usually, this is a local IT guy, family member or friend.

It’s simply the nature of the break-fix model. The job that pays the most gets attention faster. Your printing issues do not compare to a server install, Exchange migration or other network projects.

Having a managed IT services firm like PremierePC allows you to report issues large or small as part of your plan. One of the reasons we offer month-to-month options is to keep us working for you. Many providers will try to sell a contract term, then they service you the first and last month.

Our model ensures that you can leave any time we do not honor our commitments, putting you in the driver’s seat.

With a managed service provider, you gain access to all they know about all their clients. Instead of hiring a single resource at your company, for a fraction of that cost you get an entire team that supports many other clients across many market segments and industry types.

The benefits are invaluable. Often we have already solved the problems you are going to have somewhere else. We have off-the-shelf solutions and custom methods to help deliver results.

Don’t limit your future to the knowledge of a single resource when you can have so much more for less.

With a managed computer and network support plan, you get a fixed cost to help with an array of issues. As you add computers the plan grows as a known amount. When you remove a device the plan goes down as well.

Know that our team can scale with you as your business changes; we have been doing it for over a decade.

Gain access to solutions that are powerful and flexible.