Cybersecurity for Business

Cyber is more than a single service or solution, it’s a state of mind that encompasses your entire network. From the router to the smartphone.

At PremierePC we are constantly learning and sharing within our client base, Cyber is baked into all we do and advise.

This process begins with the basics. A proper firewall and security appliance with active security subscription services. Help secure the edge of your network and extend that protection to devices that walk in off the street.

We layer on industry-leading endpoint antivirus and malware protection to every device we support.

Cyber Security

For those clients with servers, we integrate computer and email logins and help you properly implement policies to enforce password resets and minimum requirements.

Where possible we further integrate local access with two-factor services and cloud solutions, further enabling you to secure your perimeter.

Our team manages your email platform to ensure that proper security and industry best practices are being followed to help protect you from spam, phishing and spoofing. We employ SPF, DKIM and Managed DMARC policies to accomplish this.

All services listed below are add-on options for clients with an active service and support plan. To learn more about any of the solutions below give us a ring.

dark web monitoring



Dark Web ID™ is a leading Dark Web monitoring platform. The award-winning platform combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyze and proactively monitor for an organization’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data.

This solution is sold by the domain per month. Protect your entire business without per user fees.

Protect Against Human Error.

Monitoring the Dark Web for stolen credentials is critical for client’s who want to provide comprehensive security to their users. BullPhish ID™ complements that data with simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training campaigns to educate employees, making them the best defense against cybercrime.

This solution is INCLUDED with our Dark Web ID solution. No additional costs to layer on a proactive security awareness program.

security awareness training


breack detection

Breach Detection and Remediation

We layer preventative security products to defend our customers. For years, this adequately protected SMBs against most unsophisticated threats. Unfortunately, the threat landscape dramatically shifted in 2016 when hackers realized small businesses could be as lucrative as well-guarded enterprises. As a result, most businesses served by MSPs are not prepared to detect the advanced techniques which inevitably slip past their preventive security. Left unchecked, SMBs risk their productivity, their reputations, and―in extreme cases―their businesses.

Sold by the device.

PremierePC includes Huntress on every server we monitor. Add additional protection to your environment by adding all your supported devices.

Multi-Factor Authentication

There’s no easier way to use multi-factor authentication. Designed for the modern workforce and backed by a zero trust philosophy, Duo is the user-friendly, scalable way to keep your business ahead of ever-changing security threats.

Sold by the user.


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Verify identity in seconds.

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Protect any application on any device.

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Easily deploy Duo in any environment.

Powered by SocSoter

  • Four Types of Threat Detection

    Monitors suspicious download and traffic and detects viruses, hacking attempts and and irregular file system behavior

  • Grows With You

    Scalable packages to meet your needs

  • Managed by Professionals

Essential Network Monitoring For Your Business

For the most discerning clients, we also offer a fully managed SOC service that monitors every packet in real time for threats and lateral file movement. We have partnered with SOCSoter to offer our clients superior protection and cyber defense.

Like a burglar alarm for your network, the SOCSoter CYBER DEFENSE service sends signals to trained and certified security engineers around the clock who personally evaluate and respond to an alarm that a system has been or is being attacked or misused on your network.

The CYBER DEFENSE service provides four types of Intrusion Detection Systems for detecting security issues on your network. This 365/24/7 service detects what is missed by firewalls, spam filters and anti-virus.

At every step, PremeirePC is here to help.