Network Consulting and Design

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Technology Consultations

Talk with us about your business computers, networking and computer peripherals. Get the feedback and advice you need for integrating them into your long-term technology plan.

We will review your current devices and recommend integration, upgrades and purchases to enhance your business computer and network setup. Because we do not sell hardware or software to our clients you can rest assured that our advice is truly based on your needs and not our profit margin or vendor incentives.

Many clients use this time to plan future upgrade paths or learn how to maximize employee time using technology to create automation. Past sessions have included virtualization strategy, backup and disaster recovery planning, computer upgrade advice, and deciding to purchase office software or utilize web-based offerings.

No matter what you use the time for, you will get solid advice from professional consultants who will take the time to learn your business and help you to plan for the future.

We offer consultation and project planning in block time. Blocks are sold in 4-hour increments and currently available to managed service plan clients.