Network Consulting and Design

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Technology Consultations

Talk with us about your business computers, networking and computer peripherals. Get the feedback and advice you need for integrating them into your long-term technology plan.

We will review your current devices and recommend integration, upgrades and purchases to enhance your business computer and network setup. Because we do not sell hardware or software to our clients you can rest assured that our advice is truly based on your needs and not our profit margin or vendor incentives.

Many clients use this time to plan future upgrade paths or learn how to maximize employee time using technology to create automation. Past sessions have included virtualization strategy, backup and disaster recovery planning, computer upgrade advice, and deciding to purchase office software or utilize web-based offerings.

No matter what you use the time for, you will get solid advice from professional consultants who will take the time to learn your business and help you to plan for the future.

We offer consultation and project planning in block time. Blocks are sold in 4-hour increments and currently available to managed service plan clients.

Computer Systems Audit

Over time we tend to collect a lot of things; with that, we also tend to forget a lot of things. Rediscover your equipment and allow us to perform a complete examination of your office.

A complete inventory of all your systems, peripherals and software. After the service has been completed, you will be provided with a detailed list by each system letting you know of any actions you should take, upgrades to be made, or software to be added/removed.

Regular IT inventory audits can help reduce company expenses by reducing wasted spending, aid in loss prevention and ensure your environment is in top working order. Audits also help to uncover potential service issues that could cause downtime.

We can also use this information to help you plan for the future and decide on any Virtualization technologies which may help prolong the life of your network.

Computer audits are charged by the location. A technician will be present during the audit to answer any questions. Administrative domain access is required.

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Training Sessions

Get the most out of your technology with custom training sessions for you and your team. Pick a topic and have one of our technicians deliver personal training to you and your team.

Popular subjects include:

  • Software (email, spreadsheets, word processing)
  • Basic PC skills (operation, file sharing)
  • Digital imaging / Video / Music
  • File Sharing and Collaboration Tools (office 365)

Training sessions are billed by the session no matter how many participants. Session pricing depends on length and topics chosen. A custom plan will be designed for you and your team.

We will provide a trainer and laptop.

The client will provide meeting space, digital projector and any software or materials needed as well as travel, meals and accommodations if required.