The holidays.

Full of fun, family, friends, food.. and, unfortunately, increased cybercrime activity.

In 2017, fraud attempt rates were highest on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and December 21—the cutoff date for express shipments to arrive before Christmas.

43% of all consumers who had their identity stolen say it happened while shopping online during the holidays in 2018.

The holidays are a key time for cybercrime, exploiting unaware and uneducated internet users. Attackers can defraud and monetize their actions with little effort.

For example, spoofed email addresses can be used to gain access to supplier or customer login. Phony websites can be made to look exactly like those of major retailers. Public Wi-Fi is another hunting ground for attackers. All of these can be used to capture and record credit card information.

So how can your data remain secure during this holiday season?

Never reuse passwords or even similar versions of passwords. Use strong passwords, mixing numbers, special characters, and letters.

Verify online reputation of the e-commerce sites you visit.

Avoid shopping online or accessing bank account information on anything other than secured, private Wi-Fi connections.

Never click on suspicious links, open unknown files, or download items from unknown sources.

Look at the URL of sites you visit, cybercriminals may create a site with just one character difference in the URL to gain access to your data.

Check in to your bank accounts and track all purchases. Report any fraud immediately.

Keep all operating systems and applications up to date, ensure you have security measures in place.

Educate! Stay up to date on cybersecurity trends and solutions.

Interested in analyzing your security posture? PremierePC is here to help. Fill out this form to start your cybersecurity plan today.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin

Turkey Day

In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, our office will be closed Thursday, November 24th and Friday, November 25th.

We look forward to assisting you on Monday, November 28th.

From all of us here at PremierePC, we wish you and yours a very safe and happy holiday.

Notice a change in your Outlook Web Version Recently?

Outlook recently rolled out a new and improved ribbon in the web version. You can now toggle between simplified and classic ribbons.

The Outlook Ribbon contains all of the options and commands that you use to accomplish tasks in Outlook. For example, you can click buttons on the ribbon to create a new email, delete emails, open a new meeting request, or assign a category to an item. However, the classic Ribbon does take up a lot of space on your screen.

Within the simplified ribbon, there are two tabs available: Home and View; home being the default tab and view containing options to customize the account.

Under the Home tab, the Simplified Ribbon shows your most used commands in a single line. However, with less available space for commands, not all of the buttons you’re used to seeing will fit.

You can also customize the buttons appearance on the Ribbon toolbar. There is a 3-dots menu button available on the Ribbon toolbar. When we click on the 3-dots button, we get an option “Customize” which allows us to add/remove buttons on the Ribbon toolbar.

Switching to the simplified ribbon

To switch back and forth between the Simplified Ribbon and the classic ribbon, click the downward pointing caret in the lower right corner of the ribbon to choose which ribbon you’d like to display.

Stay tuned for more great tips and tricks!

Interested in strengthening your Cyber Security MORE? YES?

PremierePC’s further partnership with provides Internal Vulnerability Scanning on your managed servers. is a $1958 value per year

Who is helps organizations reduce cyber attack exposure by providing effortless cyber security. This solution uses the same engines as the gold standard for vulnerability scanning.

Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Hackers are constantly looking for security flaws they can use to compromise sensitive information or steal personal data for financial gain, or to cause havoc and disruption for businesses all over the globe. To do this, they make use of a wide range of tools and vulnerability scanners to automate their efforts and find new targets. So, internal vulnerability scanning is an essential process of protecting your business, by finding your security weaknesses before the hackers do.

Your internal systems can be reached with a little extra effort. For example by an email containing a malicious attachment, or link to a web page that exploits known unpatched software on an employee’s device. Similarly, unpatched software or the lack of hardening of internal systems can help an attacker move around internal systems once they’ve gained an initial foothold.

Having a well patched and hardened internal environment will help you avoid this next level of attack, and can be important for compliance with many security standards, or customer security questionnaires. It also helps further protect perimeter systems, by providing next-level information that can’t be gained from the outside.

Intruder’s internal network vulnerability scanner checks your managed servers for common mistakes and configuration weaknesses, missing patches, and encryption weaknesses.

PremierePC is then alerted immediately if a vulnerability is detected; monthly scans are run and reviewed automatically.

Please note that while these scans can not PREVENT an attack, this simply helps us expose existing issues and resolve them as soon as possible, mitigating risk.
If you are NOT a service plan client, and would like this solution active in your environment, take a look at our cybersecurity service plans and see if PremierePC is the right fit for you.