File Server Size Report

As announced last month, all legacy business Egnyte plans have been transitioned to the Advanced File System (AFS) plan.

At $20 per license, AFS includes 200GB / User, Active Directory and SSO Integration, and Role-Based Administration.

Upgrades to your plan:

Public Cloud File Caching (PCC) – Egnyte Public Cloud Connector provides a solution to bridge customers’ requirements for public clouds while keeping the business content on the Egnyte platform.

Basic Ransomware Artifact Detection

Ransomware Alert (Email notification) – Setting up email alerts allows you to react in real-time to new issues discovered within your content sources. You can even customize these alerts, so the right people are notified of the appropriate type of issue.

User Individual File Recovery

AD / SSO Integration – When users from your company attempt to log in to Egnyte, Egnyte can be set up to authenticate directly against your directory service. This ensures that you don’t have to manage passwords in two separate places. Your directory service can serve as the system of record for all password information, and Egnyte will utilize this information to authenticate the user.

Role-Based Administration – An Administrator in Egnyte performs many functions: Adding and deleting users, updating billing information, managing trash retention policies, and more. Role-based Administration enables you to delegate some of these administrative tasks to Power Users. Role-based Administration also allows you to enable certain features for a subset of users.

Full Plan comparison between Legacy Business and the new Advanced File System Plan: MSP Plan Comparison Legacy Business vs AFS


Egnyte has developed an array of features built specifically for the architectural, engineering, and construction industry. These features are included in what is known as the AEC add-on package. The AEC add-on package is optional and can be purchased for an additional fee.

Advanced Procore Integration Support for additional data flows between Egnyte and Procore with near real-time continuous sync.
BIM File PreviewPreview (including rotate, zoom, orbit and measure) native industry file formats, including CAD, without the need for specialized software.
Project Lifecycle ManagementRevoke permissions and sever links to protect content for anyone no longer requiring access and initiate any predefined content retention, archival, and deletion management policies.
Automated Retention, Deletion & Archiving Designate policies to retain, delete and/or archive files based on file or version creation date.
Project FoldersDesignate specific folders and as project, assign status (Active, closed, etc.) and start and end dates.
Advanced Ransomware Protection & RecoveryIdentify and mitigate ransomware attacks and recover cryptolocker impacted data
Digital Image Text SearchMake image and scanned document text discoverable within Egnyte Search results (such as a PDF, JPG or TIFF).
Smart UploadUpload photos directly to the relevant project folder based on geolocation, keeping them organized and making them easily accessible.
Project TemplatesAutomate creation of your project folder structure with templatized permissions

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance)

Brand impersonation is a huge problem for companies worldwide. According to the 2022 State of the Phish report, 65% of organizations faced Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

Through the creation of a global email security standard called DMARC, email security is increasingly asking for identification for all emails to be let into an organization through the DMARC standards. DMARC not only requires you to have proper identification but also provides detailed information on how your emails are used worldwide. DMARC also provides valuable data on the emails being sent and received, including the sources, IP addresses, and domains. This information can then be used to help organizations better understand the patterns and trends in email communication and to develop more effective email security protocols.

Think of DMARC as a virtual identification license for your inbox. Just like the check-in agent at an airport, the DMARC system checks to make sure that the email sender is who they say they are. This helps to prevent phishing attempts and email spoofing, which can lead to data theft or compromise of sensitive information.

The question becomes, as a company leader, why would you allow sending an email that does not have proper identification out to the public? These emails are now being quarantined into spam or outright rejected more than ever due to improper identification in the headers. Email is the lifeblood of communication in your business. Can you really afford that big contract or large invoice to be stuck in some trap or spam folder because it didn’t have proper identification? How about your marketing efforts? You’ll spend valuable time, money and resources on your outbound email campaigns only to have them stopped at the door without proper I.D.

Even worse, there can be somebody trying to impersonate your email with a fake I.D. and misrepresent your company!

In short, DMARC is the standard for keeping you and your information safe. So, when it comes to your inbox, don’t be afraid to ask for ID. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


PremierePC has layered intelligent DMARC services to all managed domains, with monthly reporting sent straight to your inbox.

BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification)

BIMI is a way for companies to assert their brand identity in email communication and provide a more trustworthy and recognizable customer experience. BIMI involves using a company’s logo in the recipient’s email client next to the sender’s name. This visual representation of the sender provides a clear and recognizable identity, helping to reduce the risk of phishing and impersonation attacks, and improve the deliverability by up to 60%.

BIMI is the final step of email authentication. It validates and displays your brand logo next to the emails sent from your domains in the recipient’s inbox to ensure that the sender is who they say they are, and you can quickly recognize the brand behind the message.

Bimi is available for your domain at no additional cost; give us a call to learn more.

In an effort to streamline the client experience, PremierePC is consolidating products to include necessary information with less line items. Clients will notice invoices may be formatted differently in the coming months.

Legacy server pricing will be brought to the current market rate (189 per physical, 129 per virtual).
Internal vulnerability scanning, advanced threat hunting, and SOC / SIEM services have been layered on to managed servers at no additional cost.

By popular request, we have also consolidated phone invoices to be wrapped into the regular service invoice, due on the first of each month. The hosted phones product will now show as one single cost, with a description including all line items.

As we move forward, we will be separating cybersecurity items from other products, bundling them together, highlighting all PremierePC does to increase your cybersecurity posture.

These changes may take a few months to be fully implemented.

Your invoice, maximized. :)

What’s New in Nordpass?


The new NordPass browser extension experience includes all the features that are available on the app. In other words, the standalone extension has it all, without needing to download or install the app on your desktop or laptop.

Here’s a what the standalone NordPass extension offers:

  • Frictionless online experience with NordPass

    Now you can book trips, shop online, and log in to your social accounts without having to install the NordPass app. Let the standalone extension do the heavy lifting — manage your passwords, passkeys, payment card information, and personal information straight from the browser.

  • Seamless password access on any computer

    The standalone extension provides full access to your passwords, passkeys, credit cards, personal information, and secure notes on any offbeat desktop device, whether it’s your workstation or laptop.

Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera

Well, if you already have NordPass installed on your device and use any of the Chromium-based browsers, simply kick back and relax — there’s nothing that you need to do. The new browser extension will be updated automatically upon its release — and you probably won’t notice a thing.

Support for Firefox and Safari browsers is coming in Q2 of this year!

Learn more about the browser extension