Enterprise File Sharing and Content Collaboration

Our file sharing platform addresses the critical infrastructure needs of businesses – file storage, revisioning, sharing and collaboration – in one secure, centrally managed and easy-to-use solution.

This is a hybrid business-class online solution that completely eliminates the costs and complexity of purchasing and maintaining traditional onsite file servers, tape backups, FTP and VPN systems. Access files from your PC, Mac or mobile device. You have unprecedented file access control which can be administered from anywhere on the Internet.

Egnyte is the only file-sharing platform that adheres to data gravity – the simple idea that not all files were meant to be “up in the cloud.” Egnyte provides deployment models that solve all enterprise file sharing use cases: cloud-only file sharing, remote access to files stored on-prem, fast local file access while in the office and cross-office collaboration through site-to-site sync of heterogeneous storage devices.

Unlike point solutions, Egnyte’s flexible deployment models solve enterprise issues of file sensitivity, file size, bandwidth constraints and multiple types of users – all while leveraging existing infrastructure, folder structures and permissions.

If you have not seen a cloud file server demo, we encourage you to visit our office for a working demo. We use the same cloud file service we sell and have found the results to be very effective.

Seamlessly collaborate

Enable anytime, anywhere work. Enterprise file sharing, content access, and collaboration on all corporate files from mobile, desktop, and web. Simple and easy, without cumbersome approaches like VPN.

Protect sensitive data

Leverage a built-in intelligent data governance solution, security, and compliance capabilities across Egnyte, leading cloud office suites like M365 and Google Suite, public clouds like AWS and Azure, and on-premise storage.

Unlock value, lower costs

Retire outdated and legacy file management systems and reduce hardware, software, and administration costs. Improve user productivity with the benefits of an on-prem solution in a cloud-based delivery model.

We have been using Egnyte for over nine years, before wide-spread cloud adoption was a thing. Egnyte has continued to invest in their platform and in our opinion, it is the strongest cloud sharing service available. When compared to SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, and others, there is no real comparison. A few of our reasons are below.

User adoption:

Egnyte is so easy to learn and pick up that almost anyone in the organization can do it with minimal training. Where training is needed, helpful guides and resources are available and take just minutes, not hours or days, to learn.

Flexibility of access methods:

We can deploy Egnyte in just about any configuration that makes sense – cloud only, hybrid, or local. You can have the benefits of a cloud solution with the speed and security benefits of local storage. No other solution, SharePoint included, can boast this with as much simplicity and value as Egnyte can.

No cumbersome VPN services, no compromise on security. No problem.


You get more than just file sharing. You also get backup, revisioning, and collaboration tools; as well as multi-point integrations with industry leading products such as Microsoft 365.

Secure sharing:

Egnyte allows you to securely share both inside and outside your organization, ensuring compliance and PII remains protected while offering an intuitive way to share and engage your team, clients, and vendors.


Gain contextual search for all things stored in Egnyte allowing you to quickly and deeply understand your data. The engine is turnkey and ready to go from day one. No training data sets, integration work, or complex scripting required to get started. With simple reports, alerts, and triggered workflows, you don’t need a team of engineers to operate it either.


Help drive good compliance practices by limiting and being able to report on who has access to your data, both inside and outside the organization. With full audit logs, access trails, and deep user permissions, layer on Egnyte Protect for the most automated and comprehensive experience.

Egnyte is a power tool, delivering value day after day with an intuitive method of working. As a partner, PremierePC can offer you full support, direct billing, and ongoing assistance with management.

How Egnyte Works


Flexible file-sharing and storage for mid-market businesses and departments within enterprises

5+ Employees
100 GB / USER
5 GB Max File Size
Enterprise Class Security
Desktop Sync
FTP Integration
Outlook Integration
Audit Reports
Custom Branding
Salesforce Integration
Professional Deployment
Local Support


Scalable file-sharing infrastructure with complete centralized administration, auditing and storage integrations

30+ Employees
100 GB / User
10 GB Max File Size
Enterprise Class Security
Desktop Sync
FTP Integration
Outlook Integration
Audit Reports
Custom Branding
Salesforce Integration
Professional Deployment
Local Support
AD and LDAP Support
Storage Sync
Advanced Authentication
Device Control
NetApp Sync
Storage Connect

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Audit Reports

Full visibility with real-time auditing

No enterprise file services solution is complete without real-time auditing* of users, data and activity. Egnyte Audit Reports helps enterprise IT understand usage and monitor behavior across their entire file services platform. The wide range of reporting tools can be easily accessed through the Central Administration.

User Permission Report

View all users and corresponding folder permissions


Generate complete audit trails of all file activities

Login Audit ReportLOGIN REPORT

Monitor login history of all users based on source and time

Permission Audit ReportPermission Audit Report

View the permission history of any folder; track detailed information on how the permission structure has changed, who changed it and when the change took place.

File Server Size ReportFile Server Size Report

File Server Size Report
See how much storage is currently being utilized

Folder Size ReportFolder Size Report

See how much space is being used in each folder

Folder Size ReportLink Summary Report

View and manage all file links

Local Cloud Status ReporrtLocal Cloud Status Report

Monitor Local Cloud usage of every user

Lock Summary ReportLock Summary Report

See what files and folders are actively locked

*Feature available with the Advanced Security Package. For pricing and setup please contact your account manager.

Egnyte Connect Desktop App

The Egnyte Connect Desktop App provides fast real-time access to your files and folders stored in the cloud from your computer. Once connected, all Egnyte content you can access in the cloud will appear in a network drive in Windows Explorer or volume on Mac Finder. You will be able to view all your files and folders in the cloud without having to first sync them to your computer. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to select certain folders to be synchronized for access, even when you are offline.

  • Browse and modify cloud data directly from your computer
  • Sync folders for offline access
  • Automatically access files from the best location
  • Integrations with other desktop applications
  • Global file locking
  • File sharing directly from your computer
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Support for large files

Supported Hardware

The Egnyte Cloud File Server is flexible. It can be used with no hardware or deployed on a variety of hardware solutions.


Netgear ReadyNASNetgear

By far the easiest way and most cost-effective solution for micro to medium size businesses looking for a hybrid storage solution. The ReadyNAS line offers plug-and-play compatibility with Egnyte and offers you a truly integrated solution for syncing your files from the web to the office. Get the benefits of offsite storage and access with local speed.

Enhance your NETGEAR ReadyNAS with online file sharing and remote access. Simply enable the Egnyte Office Local Cloud add-on, and your ReadyNAS will have all the file sharing capabilities of a file server. Egnyte combines the flexibility of the cloud with in-the-office performance.

ReadyNAS seamlessly integrates with Egnyte so you can:

  • Access files from anywhere, with any device
  • Share files easily between offices and business partners
  • Collaborate across multiple offices
  • Back up your files safely in the cloud