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Q and A : Issues with web developer

How would you deal with a website developer who is holding your website information hostage and can’t update information?

We think it’s regrettable that certain firms or professionals would behave like this, but we have seen it occur far too often.

Since 2006, our team has been actively helping clients manage their domains as part of the IT stack for this very reason. Your domain is a critical part of your identity and overall IT infrastructure as it directly relates not only to your website, but your email.

A web host should never NEED to own your domain or even register it for you. Having a central IT controller like PremierePC in the mix can help as we manage the domain, and then any vendors who need access to records or changes.

With this in mind, let’s focus on the problem listed. First, attempt to gain access to the website control panel or hosting account. This is the root level of access and will be your best bet to re-gain control. If that is not possible, then a local admin account to the CMS or FTP account could be used.

If the provider is unwilling to provide access to services that you pay for then legal action may be needed. While this process is going on, if possible, securing your domain before brining any legal challenges will be a wise move.

In closing, keep your domains registered yourself and where possible purchase your own hosting and have your web team build your site there. Use a trusted third party like PremierePC to help manage and control these items and act as your trusted advisor and consultant to ensure no changes are being made that will have adverse consequences. Most importantly, your domain never NEED to move to your web host for them to host a website, we firmly believe that whoever provides and manages your email platform should be in charge of the domain and DNS.

You can learn more about our domain and managed DNS program using the links below.