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Q and A : Website importance

I have been struggling to get my website up and running. Do you think it’s actually necessary to have a website? Do you judge people off their websites?

Short answer, YES!

Longer answer. A web presence is critical to being found online and having a site this is mobile responsive or optimized is even better for SEO.

With that said, you do not need to invest a fortune. For many small business sites, a few pages with a list of services, contact info, as well as some history and context if all that people are looking for. You can easily use web page builders to help get the basics. We advise clients to stay away from proprietary platforms like Squarespace, Weebly, and the GoDaddy website builder as these builders will not allow you to easily port your site. Instead, opt for managed WordPress sites which are more difficult to get into, but will allow you to port and move your site as you grow and add new features.

PremierePC offers a full array of business hosting solutions to our service plan clients. We can handle the domain, dns, hosting, and WordPress build and ongoing management.

If you need help crafting a way forward, give us a ring and we can help guide you on the journey.