Q and A : Antivirus

What antivirus do you use for protection, and why do you trust it?

The field of anti-virus has expanded significantly in the past few years. Most business owners and consumers alike are aware they need something. The legacy solutions use database signatures to protect endpoints (devices). This older technology relies on updates from the vendor to keep you safe.

Owing to this fact, very few compromises are made with file-based virus intrusions or trojan programs these days. Instead, the majority of bad actors are focusing on social engineering and what is now known as fileless malware and script-based attacks to compromise endpoints.

In fact, the Majority of Successful Attacks are Fileless

54 % of companies experience successful attacks that compromise data and/or IT infrastructure

77 % of those attacks utilized exploits or fileless techniques

*The 2017 State of Endpoint Security Risk Report

So, what should you be doing to protect your business?

Most experts agree that no single solution is 100% effective against all threats, so a layered security approach is the best defense.

At PremierePC, we think that means 4 layers of protection.

  1. An enterprise grade security appliance or firewall with active security services.
  2. Managed endpoint protection which utilizes next generation threat intelligence.
  3. Threat hunting services which seek out and report on any footholds or malware remnants.
  4. Security Awareness training for your team, humans are still the best defense.

Using the model above, a business can mitigate most compromises. No solution or combination of solutions is 100% effective, humans still are your best defense. Hosting regular security awareness sessions with your team can go a long way to preventing a compromise.

Whatever you choose, make an informed decision and be sure to understand the real-world risks.