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Q and A : Cloud Email Solutions

What Is the Best Cloud Email Solution?

PremierePC has been selling and supporting both the Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite platform for years.

Both have their place based on the business need and feature set demanded. Over the last few years, Microsoft has done a very good job of building a platform that offers a much more comprehensive feature-set without the privacy invasions of Google which as led us to steer more clients in that direction.

Recently, Microsoft has also brought more value to the non-profit space allowing us to help those firms with the latest software and communication tools at a fraction of the cost.

With the introduction of teams, Microsoft has really become focused not only on Applications, Email, but all forms of communication and productivity.

We find the flexibility of the platform as well as include features in the base plan to fit in-line with out cybersecurity stance.

True, the 365 platform is large and complicated, but working with a partner like us, you get the benefit of a powerful platform as well as a local dedicated resource to call to help implement and support it.

We help with migrations, day to day support, and advanced implementations and integrations with other solutions.