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Brand 365 with Company Logo, Increase Security

Your employees are your greatest asset. 

Did you know, they can also be your greatest risk?

Your organization’s data is at the hand of each person within your company.

Anyone with a company email can risk your security.

So… what to do about it.

Introducing branded email logins.

Many attackers use phishing emails to prompt users to enter their credentials on compromised pages. Often, users will enter these credentials because the pages look very similar to a legitimate login page.

One frequently used phishing scheme is the Microsoft 365 sign in page. If attackers can gain the email credentials of an employee, they now have an entry point into your entire organization.

We can help mitigate this risk.

By applying your company logo to the login screen, you are offering a visual cue to your employees that this is legitimate. This visual cue will help employees differentiate real login pages from malicious prompts for credentials.

Give us a call today to learn more about your security stack, and how we can help you increase your overall security posture.