Egnyte File Sharing

Egnyte Co-Edit: Solving Your Org’s Collaboration Issues

If your organization is anything like ours, and nearly every SMB we have worked with, you share documents. Often.

This typically creates a major issue: having MULTIPLE file versions, each with different data, in the hands of multiple employees – a.k.a. disaster.

Does this sound familiar? Susan has a spreadsheet and shares it with Jen, who makes a few edits and sends it to Matthew. He then works with Susan on the sheet again, but Susan has different data than Matthew. Whose data do you go with? Matthew calls Mike for some insight, who got another version of the sheet from Chelsea. The cycle continues. This creates serious efficiency issues – wasted time, energy, and money on a simple spreadsheet.

And that’s just ONE spreadsheet.


Egnyte has the solution.

Not only does Egnyte automatically create a new version of a file each time a change is saved for an existing document, Egnyte offers Co-Edit.

Egnyte Co-Edit offers seamless co-editing of any document in Microsoft Office or Google Workspace. This eliminates the need for multiple versions, increasing your team’s workflow efficiency. Multiple users can live edit a single document simultaneously and in real-time. This feature ensures the most accurate and up-to-date content while maintaining security and visibility of your data.

Co-Edit can be accessed via the Web UI or Desktop App for ease of use.

Egnyte Co-Edit saves time and allows for your data to remain secure and maintain accountability through Egnyte.

Visit our enterprise file sharing page to learn more about Egnyte.