Egnyte File Sharing

Egnyte: Meeting both your File Sharing and Security Needs

Is additional file sharing security really that important? I lock my computer and only use my work email to send data. Isn’t that enough?

Good question. It may not be enough. In short, email data can be stolen as it travels un-encrypted over the network. Data could be stored un-encrypted on mail servers, internet mail relays, as well as end devices. Stolen data is then sold on the dark web and there’s no turning back.

Yikes! So how can I store and share my data in a secure way that’s also easy to use?

Let’s look at Egnyte…


First, what is Egnyte?

Our enterprise file sharing platform addresses the critical infrastructure needs of businesses – file storage, revisioning, sharing and collaboration – in one secure, centrally managed and easy-to-use solution.


Sounds neat.

What does File Sharing look like?

Basic file sharing is easy: simply choose the file, select ‘share’ from the menu. You’ll be given the option to copy a link which you can then easily drop into an email or chat session.

There’s a few further helpful customizations you can layer on to this link:

  1. Link Expiration – choose what date you’d like the link to expire.
  2. Sender notification – select to be notified once the link is used by the recipient.
  3. File name – include the (human readable) file name in the link.
  4. Version – choose to always display the most recent version of the file.

Layer on more security

Want to restrict downloads? Easy, Egnyte allows you to restrict or allow downloads. If you choose to restrict downloads, the user will only be allowed to view the file through a browser.

Need another layer of security? Add simple, effective password protection. Organizations can set policies that require password protection for sensitive files passed outside the organization. The system will automatically generate a password for the sender to relay to the recipient.

File access can further be limited to specific email addresses. Egnyte allows the sender to select ‘specific recipients’ and input their email addresses. This prevents the recipient from forwarding the link to others.

Egnyte can encrypt a document in transit and on the user’s device by the sender layering on ‘encrypted downloads’ to the selected file. The file will then remain encrypted on the receiver’s device and is only decrypted while being viewed. If necessary, the sender can also revoke permissions to view the file after sharing.

The importance of collaboration is evident in any business – anything that improves workflow and efficiency is easily received by employers. However, security is just as, if not more, important. Security breaches can take out an entire organization in a matter of moments. Securing your data and sharing that data in an intelligent, secure way is instrumental to mitigating your cybersecurity risks.

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