Free 365 for 501(c)3 Clients

Who doesn’t like free?

For service plan clients, PremierePC can help Nonprofit organizations get FREE and discounted Microsoft 365 Licenses. [Organizations must be a nonprofit or non-governmental organization with recognized legal status in their respective country (equal to 501(c)(3) status under the United States Internal Revenue Code).]

Microsoft 365 includes Office 365 and ensures an always up-to-date Windows operating system.

Share and collaborate with Microsoft 365: share, compose, edit, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets. Increase workplace efficiency with 365 collaboration tools.


Increase email and organization security when PremierePC Manages your 365.
We will review and layer on conditional access policies, preventing unauthorized access to your critical cloud systems.
Layering on 365 tenant branding gives your team a visual queue to identify a trusted 365 login portal.
Password rotation policies ensure complex, unique passwords are used and rotated every 90 days according to best security practices.
SPF / DKIM / DMARC will be validated to ensure your domain is using all possible methods to secure your online reputation.

Free and discounted licenses?

Due to your organization’s non-profit status, you have 10 Business Premium licenses at no cost, and up to 300 Business Basic licenses at no cost.
Additional Premium licenses, over the 10 provided, will cost $5 each, as opposed to the market price of $20 each (will increase to $5.50 each in September 2022).
– Premium licenses include all cloud and desktop software, in addition to email. This also includes password writeback.
– Basic licenses include email only, with access to web and mobile apps.

What’s the process?

PremierePC will hold your hand every step of the way, managing the process, migration, and transition, end to end.

First, register with TechSoup to verify eligibility.

Next, plan the migration with PPC to ensure a seamless transition, mitigate risk of loss of data, and ensure top security practices are in play.

Then, collaborate!

PremierePC will help answer questions, provide basic training, and ensure your team is maximizing their potential through technology. We provide regular 365 systems audits for our clients, making changes to bring your settings into alignment with industry best practices.

As the threat landscape changes, certain practices and polices need to evolve to keep pace.

With PremierePC on your side, we will take care of the heavy lifting, keeping your organization up-to-date and secure. Let’s maximize your potential, through technology.

Give us a call today to learn more!