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GoToConnect: What’s New?

GoToConnect has recently released some features and updates!

Block phone numbers on GoToConnect Mobile.

  1. From the GoToConnect mobile home screen, tap the gear icon.
  2. Go to Call SettingsBlocked Numbers then click +.
  3. Enter the Phone number criteria for the block.
    • Enter a ten-digit phone number
    • Or enter a number using * to broaden the call filter. Example: 800* will block all calls from 1-800 numbers, *4437 will block all calls from numbers ending in 4437.
  4. Enter a Description and then tap Done.

You can manage the blocked numbers from clicking the gear icon > Call settingsBlocked Numbers.

Use Visual Call Parking on GoToConnect web and desktop.

Virtually park calls on hold and answer them. With visual call parking you can view which call parking spots are in use on your system from GoToConnect web and desktop.

Before you begin: To use visual call parking, a system admin must enable this feature for you (don’t know how? Click here.)


  • To view visual call parking spots, click your name in the top left, click Settings and then check the box for Display parked call spots.
  • The Parked calls section in the left sidebar will only be displayed when there are calls parked on your system.
  1. While on an active call, click Park.
  2. In the new window, select the call parking spot you’d like to use or type a custom parking spot (any number of digits, but it cannot start with 0) and then click Park Call. If you park a call to an occupied spot, the call will be transferred back to you.
    Tip: There is an unlimited number of parking spots available, and they can be assigned manually or by the system.
  3. To answer a parked call, click the desired call from Parked calls in the left sidebar and then click Call.
    Note: Parked calls will remain on hold until someone answers them or Call Parking Timeout lapses (the call is then routed back to the original person who parked the call).

Don’t have GoToConnect? Learn more about our Hosted Phones services here.