How do I prevent Hackers from stealing my data?

Hackers are Targeting SMB Data: Enter Automated Breach Detection

How can I protect my business and data?

Scenario one: It’s 8:00 a.m. on a crisp, beautiful Monday morning. You walk into the business you own, and immediately realize your entire business is down. Overnight, your data and your clients’ data were stolen. It is being held for ransom. You panic. You’re on your own. now what?

Scenario two: It’s 8:00 a.m. on a crisp, beautiful Monday morning. You walk into the business you own, and realize your business is down, you call PremierePC. We share that a ransomware attack was detected. We identify the source of the attack, isolate it from the network, and then begin to restore all your data from backups. As a result your business is up and running with minimal effort on your part.” You take a deep breath. You are not alone. Thank goodness for PremierePC and a smart Cybersecurity plan.

Which scenario do you choose?

What is Huntress and how does it fit into a broader Cybersecurity plan?

Huntress collects and analyzes metadata about every application scheduled to execute when a computer boots up or a user logs in.

When a hacker establishes access, Huntress is there to help identify the breach, provide remediation steps, and monitor for any remnant footholds.

Huntress discovers new and existing footholds in shady email attachments, malicious website content, unpatched vulnerabilities, and tainted USB drives.

Breach detection alone is not a plan. Pairing this solution with a smart network design and backup and recovery plan help mitigate many risks and allows for flexible restorations.

PremierePC includes Huntress on every server we monitor.

Service plan clients can also add Huntress to each supported device for an additional fee.

New Features

Huntress has just added two new services at no additional cost: Ransomware Canaries and External Recon.

Ransomware Canaries is an early warning and detection system, sounding the alarm that the network has been hit and triggering protocol to restore their system from backups. This happens the moment a part of the network gets “ransomed.”

Networks have become harder to secure as endpoints move from office to homes and other mobile work locations. Ransomware canaries is a key solution.

External Recon is an automated tool which monitors the network, on a constant search for exploits that hackers have used in the past to penetrate security.

Huntress automated what hackers do to find vulnerable ports and make the client aware of them before hackers find them.

Additionally, there is a threat mitigation report that is automatically generated for customers to show the dangers that security software has intercepted and display the persistent nature of cyber-attacks.

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