PPC Strengthens Your Cyber Security with Vulnerability Scanning

Interested in strengthening your Cyber Security? YES?

How about strengthening security at no additional cost? Yes please?

PremierePC has now partnered with Intruder.io to provide External Vulnerability Scanning on your PremierePC owned Meraki Firewall at NO additional cost to you as a service plan client.


intruder.io is a $1958 value per year

Who is Intruder.io?

Intruder.io helps organizations reduce cyber attack exposure by providing effortless cyber security. This solution uses the same engines as the gold standard for vulnerability scanning.

External Vulnerability Scanning

Hackers are constantly looking for security flaws they can use to compromise sensitive information or steal personal data for financial gain, or to cause havoc and disruption for businesses all over the globe. To do this, they make use of a wide range of tools and vulnerability scanners to automate their efforts and find new targets. So, external vulnerability scanning is an essential process of protecting your business, by finding your security weaknesses before the hackers do.

On average, 20 new vulnerabilities are discovered every day, many of which are in technologies which are designed to sit on your perimeter systems (those which are exposed to the internet). Intruder’s external vulnerability scanner allows you to neutralize threats to your business, by performing vulnerability scans that discover security holes in your most exposed systems.

Intruder’s external network vulnerability scanner checks your systems for vulnerabilities which include web-layer security problems (such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting), infrastructure weaknesses (such as remote code execution flaws), and other security misconfigurations (such as weak encryption configurations, and systems which are unnecessarily exposed).

Please note that while these scans can not PREVENT an attack, this simply helps us expose existing issues and resolve them as soon as possible, mitigating risk.
We will be working on adding Internal Vulnerability scans for managed servers in the coming months, stay tuned for more details.
If you are NOT a service plan client, and would like this solution active in your environment, take a look at our cybersecurity service plans and see if PremierePC is the right fit for you.