Hosted Phones Greenville SC

What’s New With GoTo?

Our business phone and fax system combines a hosted PBX with advanced voice and fax features, reliable VOIP service with unlimited calling and VOIP phones.

All of this sits on top of an intelligently managed network by PremierePC.


GoTo Hosted Phones


We are excited to announce, will be offering the following Hosted Phones plans: Basic, Standard+, and Premium+.


Feature-limited, business phone system with messaging and basic video conferencing. 20 seat max.


Fully integrated business solution for phones, messaging and video plus password management and basic events.


Your remote employee workbench. Empower your entire workforce regardless of their location: Unified Communications, IT support, Contact Center, Virtual Events and Enterprise Password Security.

We are excited to offer more flexible phone plans for your organization.

Join the “work from anywhere” revolution with the bundle that scales to meet your needs. Click here for more info.