Are you consistently wasting money on credit card fees?

Don’t waste your money…

PremierePC was losing money on credit card fees every month. The client pays their invoice, credit card company takes a percentage for themselves, and PPC gets the rest.

We were faced with having to punish the client by raising costs or adding additional processing fees, or finding an alternative.

We found, with GoCardless, how to get easy-to-use, seamless ACH Direct Debit capabilities for our clients, at a MUCH lower fee per transaction. PremierePC is saving $1,200 in fees each month.

See our co-founder, Matthew Rydzfski, discuss the benefits to partnering with GoCardless.

GoCardless has saved us about $1,200 a month in fees, and that money can be reused to better support staff, our services, and our clients.

– Matthew Rydzfski

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