how can i reopen my business safely?

Create a Smart Return to Office Plan During COVID-19

how should i reopen my business?

Everything is different. How do I safely and intelligently bring my employees back to work during this new normal?

There are so many spinning plates, what am I not thinking of?

Here are four comprehensive checklists detailing plans concerning your people, office space, technology, and clients.

While some of the guidelines seem like no-brainers, several points highlight easy, actionable items to improve employee satisfaction, client retention, and overall success of your business.


Preparing properly can alleviate employee concerns, allowing them to focus on the work not the global health crisis.

Office Space

Practicing social distancing will maintain employee safety and allow for some employees to return to in-office work, returning your employees in waves, or allowing for part-time remote work.


Your technology goal is to ensure employees have what they need to do their jobs effectively.


If you are a business serving other businesses, you play an important role in helping your clients get back to the office as well.


Click here to view the full checklists created by one of our valued vendors.