Did You Know… (5 Google Tips)

Did you know you can customize your Google Searches?

Here are five tips to help you improve your search engine skills.


  1. Filter search results by date. Type your phrase and search. Then click TOOLS (below the search bar), change ANY TIME to CUSTOM RANGE. Insert your dates and filter.
  2. Exclude keywords you don’t need. Place a MINUS SIGN (-) in front of any words you don’t want included in your search. Emphasize important search terms by placing a PLUG SIGN (+) in front of it.
  3. Search for files. Type FILETYPE:_____ at the beginning of your search. Fill the blank with the type of file you’re looking for. Ex. filetype:pdf for pdf files and filetyps:xlsx for Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Use Advanced Search. Click SETTINGS and look for ADVANCED SEARCH; there are multiple ways you can further specify your search.
  5. Quick tips. Type exact searches in QUOTES. Search a specific site by placing SITE:____ directly in front of URL. ( “computer and network support”)

Happy searching!