how can i reopen my business safely?

How can an MSP protect my employees while they work from home?

2020 brought many surprises and changes. One of which shifted many in-office employees to start unexpectedly working from home.

In 2020, 88% of the organizations, worldwide, made it mandatory or encouraged their employees to work from home after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.

This flexibility is great to continue business operations. However, it brings about serious holes in security unless you are fully prepared.

So what can an MSP like PremierePC do to help boost security and mitigate threats for work from home employees?

  1. Secure VPNs – this can ensure employees are utilizing the same security tools that are available in the office, mitigating cybersecurity threats and data breaches.
  2. Network segmentation for home networks –  this allows for multiple individual networks under a single network, simplifying security policies if done correctly.
  3. Remote endpoint incident management – this allows technicians to access remote laptops and deploy patches remotely.
  4. Maintain the latest software updates – software vulnerabilities, security loopholes found in programs and operating systems, are typically revealed as they are solved in the latest version. If not updated, programs and operating systems are easy targets for the bad guys.
  5. Educate on phishing attempts – hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities and weak points to take advantage of. An MSP like PremierePC can provide continuing education and phishing training to employees to mitigate these threats.

We know this can be very overwhelming for someone who is trying to focus on actually running their business. PremierePC is here to help! Contact us today.