New Gmail Inboxes, Great for users, retailers hate it.

Google is always tweaking their online tools as technology advances and our online behaviors change.

A recent update added new features to our online inbox’s which automatically tries to sort incoming mail be several (up to 5) broad categories.

In my limited testing, the feature is a great help for me during the work day. I have always been a big fan of sorting inbound mail by priority and this new feature is saving me time from checking my ringing and dinging devices unless its critical. I hate racing to the phone to see that it was just another REI promo email, yet I don’t want to mark my REI messages as spam or junk and will in fact read them, just on my own timetable.

I equate the new boxes to DVR for email, automatically allowing me skip the distractions and stay focused on the task at hand.

You can learn more about the features direct from Google.

Read what retailers are saying: