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How Strong Are the Barriers to Your Data?

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of information about the importance of strong passwords. But what else are your doing to protect your employees’ account?

Are “strong passwords” your main defense against attacks?

Let’s start with common mistakes…

  1. Having a false security due to passwords meeting “complexity requirements”

    Often people create “complex” passwords using the poor criteria. (i.e. People love to use “mangling rules” – replacing letters with symbols like @ for a or 3 for e.) Hackers and cracking software know these tricks and can guess them easily.

  2. Recycling passwords

    Everyone reuses passwords, even though we know that’s not smart. Remember, once a password is stolen, it can never be safely used again.

  3. Not requiring MFA

    MFA (multi-factor authentication) may take a few extra seconds to log into each account, but do not underestimate its power.

Think about this…

How many employees do you have?

How many accounts does each employee have?

Multiply these numbers and you are looking at the approximate number of security holes in your system.

Any one of your these passwords may only take THREE DAYS for a hacker to crack.

Now what?

  1. Deploy mandatory multi-factor authentication

    MFA may save your organization. This simple solution can protect your accounts and data even if a password has been compromised. Requiring MFA can stop 100% of all automated attacks, 96% of bulk phishing attacks, and 75% of targeted attacks.

  2. Maintain control of your network

    Do you have IT policies in place for offboarding an employee? Are you in control of employee email access on their mobile phone once terminated? Do you restrict access to data based on role? Ex employees can create a huge gaps in your security, whether intentional or not.

  3. Train employees

    When employees are unaware of security risks and unable to recognize threats, they are not able to protect the organization. Do you offer Security Awareness Training? Do you simulate phishing attacks? You may not be aware of just how vulnerable you are to attacks.

  4. Invest in your security stack

    Layering on multiple, intelligent solutions could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in a cyber attack. What’s your security posture?

Sounds like a lot?

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