The week of browsers

Very exciting news this week as both Mozilla FireFox and Internet Explorer release the next versions of their browsers.

We have been beta testing for several months and are happy to say that both have made excellent strides in usability, increasing usable screen space, and most importantly security.

Our pick as always is still FireFox as it offers a faster browsing experience, excellent customization, and tons of add-ons to make your browsing, YOURS!

Here are the links to the latest downloads, we advise all of our clients to download and upgrade to the newest FireFox or IE9.

IE9 WARNING – If you are using websites that are critical to your business and which also rely on IE7/8 ActiveX scripting then you should not upgrade without seeking guidance from those sites. Generally, we have been told that any site which works in IE8 will function without issue in IE9.

FireFox 4:

IE 9: 

Happy Browsing.