UPDATE: Webroot Endpoint

Webroot Smarter Cybersecurity Solutions 

Endpoint Security Update: 

Nearly all of our managed clients should now have the Webroot Endpoint service active and running on their systems. Webroot is billed as next generation and relies less on a database of known files and more on how a program or file operates. In this way the security solution is entirely more nimble to help protect against zero day and unknown attacks.

Webroot was one of only three solution tested that met the MRG Effitas Q1 2017 Online Banking Browser Security Report.

Report link:

We take our clients security and trust very seriously. It’s why we have pushed secure firewalls with security subscriptions as well and endpoint protection the last several years. We are pleased to report that no client so far has sustained a ransomware attack on a system we managed which was behind our managed firewalls.

Webroot when compared to traditional AV solutions stands out in many ways. The highlights are:

1. Small footprint (about 1mb)
2. Fast system scans (usually less than 6 mins)
3. Ability to detect unknown variants
4. Journal system to enable malicious rollback

For these reasons and others we are glad to be using Webroot to help secure your environments. If you want to learn more about the solution check out the link below or schedule a call with our team.